The Sanford POWER Volleyball Program continues to develop and improve players across the region with individual, partner, small group, and team training sessions.

High school volleyball season has arrived and players from around the state are ready to get back on the court. Players and teams that are looking for extra opportunities to learn and grow have the chance to attend workouts at the Sanford POWER Volleyball Program.

The Sanford POWER Volleyball Program hosts individual, partner, small group, and team training sessions year round. Emphasis will be placed oral areas of the game including:

  • Increase explosiveness and power
  • Improve core strength and posture
  • Develop overall athleticism, lateral quickness and agility
  • Incorporate shoulder mobility / injury reduction exercises
  • Strength exercises are age and skill level appropriate
  • Sanford Knee Injury Prevention Program (SKIPP)
  • Sports Nutrition education presentation available

Sessions are available and can be scheduled through the Sanford Fieldhouse, and by phone at 605-312-7800.


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