Meet our HotPic of the Week: Shannon Ihrke. Now, before you guys try to get all macho, forget about it. Not only is she a 5'8" 115 lbs blonde bombshell, she's also a Marine.

Yes, I said that right. A MARINE. Which means she could totally kick your macho ass!

According to her official website, she was "originally from northern Minnesota, [she] moved out of the state when [she] was 19 years old after majoring in marketing for two years at Saint CLoud State University to join the Marine Corps."

STATS: 5'8" | 115 lbs | 32-24-34D

In addition to being a Maxim Magazine cover girl and voted Playboy magazine's "Sexiest Servicewoman," she has also walked the runway in numerous fashion shows, appeared in dozens of magazines, worked as a spokesmodel and an MMA ring girl, as well as too many other things to mention.

The one thing I didn't see on her list is a recruiting poster for the Marines. Come on, Marines. If I saw her picture on a poster I would sign up tomorrow!

You can follow Shannon on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Model Mayhem and her official website.