On Sunday in a WNBA game, we got our first glimpse of the "Ref Cam", a new device that is attached almost like a pair of sunglasses to the head of the officials and gives the viewers first hand views of what the ref's see.

Now in that specific game, it was interesting because multiple players got into a argument that eventually would warrant technical fouls and the whole thing was caught on tape in a view never seen before.

Personally, I feel these "ref cams" should be mandatory.  As a consumer and fan of all the major professional sports in America, I think these should be implemented immediately for a couple of reasons.

1. We get to hear the up close interaction between the officials and the players/coaches.  As vulgar as those encounters may be sometimes, I want to see them and I think it would add to the overall viewing pleasure of the fans.

2. When the ref's make a tough call, right or wrong, we can see what they saw.  It may give more perspective to the media, players and fans on why a specific call was made.

Now I can certainly understand from the league's perspective that those above mentioned reasons for implementing the "ref cam" could cause issues as far as language and credibility are concerned.  However, I think that is a risk they need to take.

My one objection would be the way the cam looks and probably the way the cam feels.  Its gaudy, bulky and one would think almost a distraction to the person wearing it.  So If you could cut down on the size and make it more like a hidden mic that is used to player and/or coach audio, then I think it would be a perfect addition to all games.