Miami and Sioux Falls are partners in basketball with the objective of winning titles.  Who knew that the services of Justin Hamilton would be in such high demand? 

In the first year of this Heat/Skyforce agreement, both parties have benefitted mutually.  Miami has assumed the operational controls of a minor league basketball team and have taken two players from farm club to South Beach.  DeAndre Liggins came and went on two 10-day contracts and Justin Hamilton is now a full-fledged member of the Heat.

The NBA playoffs will soon begin and the D-League is currently within the postseason.  Expectations are that Hamilton will return to the Skyforce on assignment bringing his 19 points, 9 rebounds and 2 blocks per game in 39 contests with him.  Previously, Miami sent the 7-footer to Sioux Falls for two games in order that Idaho would be vanquished and a playoff berth secured.  A really good Canton team with a formidable presence on the inside would be nicely counterbalanced by Hamilton’s presence.

Thursday night’s contest was played without Hamilton and Sioux Falls fell 99-86 and Canton doubled the Skyforce rebounding numbers.  Here’s why you should not be shocked if Miami keeps Hamilton for a while.  First, the Skyforce are still pretty good regardless of Hamilton’s status.  Second, the Heat are looking toward a third straight championship and the formerly masked man was the 9th man on the floor Wednesday

(Justin Hamilton's mask)

against Memphis playing 12 minutes getting 5 points and 1 steal.  “Birdman” Andersen was out with a bruised knee, Udonis Haslem was battling the flu and Greg Oden inactive.

With four upcoming games before the close of the regular season on Wednesday, (both Skyforce playoff games Saturday and Monday are in direct conflict with Miami regular season contests) Hamilton’s minutes might be better served playing for the two-time defending NBA champs.  Not are, would, could or should, but might.