What's going on?

Big Ben Not Calling It Quits
The season abruptly came to a end on Sunday for the Pittsburgh Steelers but the career of Ben Roethlisberger will not.
Bettors Lose Their Mind
The bigger story though for bettors in Vegas was the final score as it had so much to do with the final touchdown and subsequent kneel down by Minnesota.
LaVine Returns From Injury
As Zach LaVine returns to the NBA court on Saturday, he will be wearing a different jersey than the last time you saw him play.
NFL Draft in Green Bay?
Regardless of when the date is, it is clear that the Packers will pursue a NFL Draft in Green Bay sooner than later.
Not In My House
The Atlanta Hawks affiliate was playing the Northern Arizona Suns when Craig Sword pulls off the chase down block that was absolutely amazing.

TV Teddy Valentine Retiring?
Possibly the time off this weekend will calm the emotions of Valentine and he will be back on the court, but there is also the possibility that we have seen the final game for "TV Teddy".
NDSU Champs Once Again
The FCS Championship was once again won by the North Dakota State Bison on Saturday as they defeated James Madison 17-13.