Another estimated 3,500 people call Sioux Falls home. The metro population of the city now tops 173,000 souls.

The announcement at City Hall on Tuesday gives an approximate snapshot of how many people are residents of Sioux Falls at the conclusion of 2015. Looking into the future, Planning and Building Services says by 2020 Sioux Falls population could reach 185,000.

Actual numbers of growth are just a bit slower year over year as the 2014 tally was a 4,000 person increase. As a means of percentage, the 2014 pace is 2.4 percent with ’15 at 2.1 percent.

In a press release, Director of Planning and Building Services Mike Cooper puts the growth in perspective. “Sioux Falls basically has added both Aberdeen and Watertown to our population over the past 15 years. While growth brings challenges, our community certainly is prepared to stay one step ahead and uses this type of information to plan the city’s growth management strategies.”

The City also provided a demographic breakdown of Sioux Falls.
• 86.8 percent of Sioux Falls residents are white, 4.4 percent are Hispanic/Latino, 4.2 percent are black, 2.7 percent are American Indian or Alaskan Native, 1.8 percent is Asian, and 0.1 percent is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander.
• 50.4 percent of Sioux Falls residents are female, and 49.6 percent are male.
• The median age in Sioux Falls is 33.6 years.
• The median household income in Sioux Falls is $51,672.

In estimating population, the City uses an equation that figures housing units required, the land area needed (and the infrastructure needed to serve this land area). Sioux Falls has grown by an average of 3,000 people for the last ten years. The recent population growth puts Sioux Falls solidly within the top 150 cities in America.

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