Another list has given Sioux Falls high praise. The city has been ranked in the top 30 for best cities for music fans and number one in another category.

ValuePenguin has evaluated 15 different variables and broke them into three categories. Those categories include The Band (Musicians, wage, artists per 1,000 people, record labels etc.); the crowd (radio stations per 1,000 people, musical instruments per 1,000 people, bars per 1,000 people, venues, CD/tape stores); and the intangibles (amount of rain, bar closing time, public transportation, etc.)

Out of 200 cities looked at by ValuePenguin, Sioux Falls ranks pretty high. Overall Sioux Falls is ranked 28th. That ranking is behind Minneapolis (15), Omaha (22), Duluth (25), New York City (26), and Los Angeles (27). However, the city is ahead of Chicago (29), New Orleans (30), and Las Vegas (31) in the rankings.

More impressively, ValuePenguin has ranked Sioux Falls the best city in the country for crowd. We have more opportunities for music based on population over any other city in the United States.

Full results for the study, and the methods that the site used, can be obtained here.