Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says authorities are searching for a suspect in connection with a road rage incident.

"We had a driver that was being followed by another guy. They left I-229 to go south onto Louise Avenue. Once they pulled off and started driving, their windows were down and the drivers started jawing with each other. At some point, the suspect pulled out a handgun and waved it around. He then pointed it at the victim."

Clemens offers this description of the suspect and his vehicle.

"We don't have a whole lot of information. The suspect drove a newer car...possibly a Ford Taurus style either light blue or silver. The driver is a white man in his thirties, short or bald hair and wearing glasses."

If you're involved in a road rage situation, Clemens offers this advice.

"There is usually some indication it is going to happen. If people start yelling or gesturing at each other, that doesn't make it better. If they can just ignore the person, that might work. If the problems continue, they should call police. Just don't engage the person. Just let them go."