If it were up to rapper Snoop Dogg, people would leave Michael Vick alone about his dog fighting past, citing the fact that Vick did his time.

According to TMZ Sports, this is longtime Steelers fan, Snoop Dogg's response to the critiques of Vick:

"What y’all gonna do hold it over his head forever?"


"I love Vick. Before he got to the Steelers. I loved him when he caught the case, [and] after he caught the case. Mistakes are made to be made. I mean, he did his time. What y’all gonna do hold it over his head forever?"

He continued, "It’s over with. He’s been punished, he’s been banned from the league, he came back, he's on the good foot, he ain’t been around dogs, he ain’t do nothing like that."

"He’s been about the positivity and that’s what’s wrong with people. We always judge people about what we did as opposed to what we’re doing. I love him to death whether he’s a Steeler or not. He’s a friend of mine."

Personally, I am too a Steelers fan and as big a dog lover as you will ever find.   I found Vick's acts to be heinous and disgusting, but Snoop is right, he did his time and in fact probably did more time than anyone in the history of dog fighting to that point.

It doesn't take away from what happened, but unlike in the cases of Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy and Ray Rice, non of those individuals did the hard time they should have, which in turn puts Vick in a different and more forgiving light in my mind as well.

Michael Vick will be the starter until Ben Roethlisberger returns from injury and there will be plenty of critiques still questioning whether or not he should be in the NFL, but I'll go with Snoop on this one and say let it go already.