Bow hunters dream about it. A monster buck, sneaking through the brush and headed right down the trail to your stand. Your heart beats so loud you can feel the blood pounding in your ears like the sub woofer on a car behind you at Burger King.

I had seen the photo of this deer earlier this year. It had to be opening weekend. All the post was new State Record possible. Brookings County.

I started looking for a year. Was it this year? Was there another Brookings county somewhere in the United States. I didn't know anything, so I didn't write anything.

Then, this comes out (click link for the picture and rest of the story from South Dakota

65 Days after archery hunter Austin Earley of Brookings SD successfully filled his tag, on December 2, 2015 official measurer Stan Rauch with the Boone & Crockett Club and Jason Converse with the Pope & Young Club officially put tape to the rack.

Totaling 241 0/8 inches, it easily tops the previous archery record of 211 3/8 by nearly 30 inches!

The buck has 20 non-typical points totaling 54 6/8 inches and it's typical frame 6 X 6 has only 4 1/8 in symmetry deductions!

Having taken this buck on September 28th in Brookings County and waiting a few more than the required 60 day drying period, the buck is now the official new SD State Record Non-Typical Archery Whitetail.

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to shoot a big whitetail. His gross score was just over 172. He was and still is, the biggest deer I've ever seen in the wild. I can not in my wildest dreams imagine what it must have been like for Austin Earley when he saw this deer coming.

I'm going to try to get in touch with Austin. I'd love the hear the story. Did he have trail cam pics of the deer? How many years had he been after this brute? Or did he appear out of thin air like so many deer can do.

Please share this story with your outdoors and hunting friends. It's a new state record. I'll bet the likes of Michael Waddell, the Drury's and Lee and Tiffany with The Crush are now wondering if they should be traveling to South Dakota in 2016 to find a stud deer like this!