Former Lincoln High School football coach and Roosevelt High School athletic director Jerry Miller is a living, breathing history book when it comes to the history of high school mascots in South Dakota.

In an interview with John Papendick of the Aberdeen AmericanNews, Miller shared his quest (which began in 1951) to document the history of mascots in the state, including some quite unusual nicknames for South Dakota schools:

The Rapid City St. Martin's Kenmars were named for John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Bradley High School changed its name from the Orioles to the Bombers in the 1940s after some community members were killed in World War II.

The Provo High School Rattlers were not located in the town of Provo, but in Igloo 4 miles away.

The Mitchell Kernels got their nickname when the school couldn't afford uniforms. Money was eventually donated by a man named Kernel.

The new school in Egan decided it would be known as the Bluebirds. When they ordered their athletic uniforms, they came back as the Bluejays. The uniform company refused to correct its mistake, and because the school had no money for different uniforms, they chose to accept Bluejays.

Euclid “Euc” Cobb taught and coached at Rapid City Central for 41 years (1920-61), and the Cobblers are named after him.

The Keystone Dynamiters, Brookings Zephyrs (before they became the Bobcats) and Sioux Falls St. Rose Academy Roses.

Some schools went without nicknames, including Houghton, Esmond, Hopper and Redfield Plainville Academy.

So how well do you know South Dakota's high school mascots?

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