(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

After reading this if you feel prompted to rush out to place a wager, your sanity may come into question.  By no means does this come from some fantastic football mind.

Rudimentary knowledge aside, there is a slim possibility that South Dakota State could go into Lincoln and actually win a football game.  SHOULD that actually happen, the next turn of events would be Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini under armed guard leaving Lincoln never to return.

Game One: Nebraska 37 Wyoming 34.  The first red flag of the 2013 campaign appears.  The Cowboys to the North have a competent offense and showed it against Big Red.  Game Two:  Nebraska 56 Southern Miss 13.  The Huskers bounce back and play above their competition’s talent level.  Game Three:  UCLA 41 Nebraska 21.  The fabric that covers the Nebraska football program is starting to stretch at the seams.  Big lead turns into big loss.  If the yo-yo pattern continues, the Jackrabbits are in trouble.

South Dakota State might be overmatched on defense somewhat.  A sharp North Dakota offense and a less than sharp Southeastern Louisiana still piled up yards and points.  Based on past events, The Huskers have shown that their defense is suspect.  SDSU has an offense that has scored 34 or more in their first three contests with a quarterback that was once courted by Big Ten and Big 12 schools before casting his lot with the gang in Brookings.

Let’s face it.  Nebraska would have to play down at home to give the Jacks a chance.  However there is just enough turmoil to possibly take the edge off a bit for the Huskers leaving a glimmer of hope for the Yellow and Blue.  In the big picture for SDSU, North Dakota State is up next week. Bagging a trophy win would be nice, but capturing the Dakota Marker trophy would do more to set up the season for a deep playoff run.