D-1 Sports Training is here in Sioux Falls and is ready to make an impact.

A national brand, D-1 has become one of the most elite training facilities across the United States and now they have arrived in Sioux Falls.

The new location is on the corner of 57th and Southeastern and houses not only the D-1 training facility, but also partnered with Great Life to provide more workout opportunities and with the Sioux Falls Storm and the Orthopedic Institute as well.

A multifaceted building that surely will be a great addition to the community and another great option to further the athlete experience in the Sioux Empire.

Former NFL star Kyle Vanden Bosch and current Atlanta Falcons linebacker Tyler Starr have teamed up to also own the D-1 training facility as well.

Jeff Thurn ESPN 99.1

Vanden Bosch is originally from Larchwood, IA and starred at Nebraska and eventually in the NFL, while Starr made his name locally at USD and is trying to now make his name in the NFL.

Last week D-1 had their open house and I got a chance to stop out and I was totally impressed with the state of the art equipment and facility.

Jeff Thurn ESPN 99.1

Getting my start in sports radio in Nashville allowed me to get a up close and personal look at the D-1 facility in that market which gave me the familiarity when this one opened and I know how big of a deal this is for this community.

They offer training for specific sports, camps, basic workout opportunities and much more.

Vanden Bosch says, "It's a great opportunity to come together as athletes and train.  There is truly a sense of camaraderie amongst the athletes."

For more information on the new facility and D-1 itself, check out their website: www.D1sportstraining.com 

Jeff Thurn ESPN 99.1