We've had animals eating food in our garden. It's a little disappointing but it comes with the territory of having a garden in southeast Sioux Falls. Each of the last two years my daughter planted a sunflower only to have it eaten as soon as it started to grow tall.

On Sunday my wife Crystal sent me a picture of a huge zucchini that she wasn't quite ready to pull. Then Monday she sent me a picture of it half eaten. My guess was a deer did it and judging by the tracks I found it was probably a mama doe. But we were curious to see who our overnight visitor was.

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

So on Tuesday we bought a trail cam and set it up. Not thinking it would pay off right away, it did. A doe and a fawn can be spotted in the videos. The first clip shows them heading over to our neighbors garden. The second clip shows them heading for our garden but it looks like they skipped it, probably because of the homemade animal repellent my wife made out of eggs and a lot of garlic. The smell nearly knocked me out when she had it in the blender.

But take note of the third clip in the video below. It's kind of strange.