I love SVP and Russillo afternoons on ESPN Radio. I love listening to them before my afternoon drive radio show on a local ESPN Radio affiliate and they always get me excited for what I am doing with my profession.

And I am going to miss it as they will be signing off in the fall of 2015.

The best part of it all was they have always brought us entertainment while giving us a unique perspective on all sports. They did it their way and it was so refreshing!

Fortunately, over the years, we at ESPN 99.1 in Sioux Falls, SD have had the pleasure of having Scott Van Pelt join our show once at Super Bowl week in New York and Ryen Russillo has now joined the show many times.

We are lucky, to have the guests we get in this market, including some of the biggest names at ESPN, but I will never forget that first conversation with those two on radio row in New York and walking away saying that was AWESOME! To them it was just another radio hit, but to us, it was radio gold.  Afterwards, Ryen had mentioned that he'd come on the show in the future if time permitted.  It has, he has and those things are what make it all worth it in this business.

Russillo will begin other endeavors presumably on ESPN and Scott Van Pelt will begin a midnight Sportscenter on ESPN as well.

The six year duo has been one of the best additions to sports entertainment in the history of sports media.  The run comes to a end, but not without six years of great memories for sports fans.

Thanks guys for all the laughs, all the insight and more so than anything the chance to have two people in this business to look up to for all the right reasons.