New Orleans

New Orleans: A Great Host City for Super Bowl XLVII
As many of you listened to our coverage of Super Bowl XLVII LIVE from New Orleans over the last few days, you heard me talk about how great the NOLA did of hosting this year’s big event.
I was not exaggerating as they did a tremendous job of hosting the game, the festivities and…
The Fan Breakdown Days Before Super Bowl XLVII
Whenever a Super Bowl is played, the fan breakdown at the big game is an interesting aspect to pay attention to.
Typically there is a mix of fans from each team as well as a mix of casual fans and celebrities in attendance.
Leading up to the game, you get a sense of the overall attendance from each te…
What are the Best Super Bowls?
The Super Bowl XLVII is less than a week away and the last 46 Super Bowls have provided plenty of drama. Let's take a look back at some of the most memorable Super Bowls over the last 46 years.