Putting together the Mount Rushmore of the New York Yankees was a difficult task to say the least. There have been so many great players from each generation of Yankees history that you can make a case for.

With the announcement of Derek Jeter entering retirement in 2015, I wanted to take a look back at Yankees throughout the years. As great of a player Jeter was for the organization, he is not on the Yankees Mount Rushmore.

If there was one player in Yankees history that would for sure be on the Yankees Mount Rushmore, it's Babe Ruth. Ruth had a career batting average of .342 and hit 714 home runs. The Great Bambino also went 94-46 from the pitching mound with a 2.28 ERA.

The "Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth" would be second on the Yankees Mount Rushmore. Lou Gehrig takes that spot. The native New Yorker had an outstanding career batting .340. The six time World Series Champion deserves to be spotlighted.

Third on my Yankees Mount Rushmore would be Mickey Mantle. 16 time baseball All-Star (20 time considering two awards were given out for a few years), 7 time World Series Champion, 3 time AL MVP. The guy was the face of the Yankees in the 1950s-1960s.

The last Yankee on my list could easily be debated. Yes, he wasn't an everyday player. Yes, he wasn't at bat every night. Mariano Rivera, however, is the best closer to ever play the game and deserves to be on this list. The Sandman helped the Yankees win five championships, and is a 13 time All-Star. When he took the mound, there was a sense of relief for Yankees fans because the W was around the corner.

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Honorable Mentions:

5) Joe DiMaggio
6) Yogi Berra
7) Whitey Ford
8) Derek Jeter
9) Andy Pettitte
10) Bill Dickey
11) Bernie Williams

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