We could see the NFL salary cap go up $10 million dollars by 2016 according to reports from various media outlets.

By the time free agency begins in March, each NFL team could have upwards of $10 million more to spend, taking the cap number from $143.28 million to as high as $153.4 million.

Teams that are cap strapped like Miami, Buffalo and especially New Orleans would benefit big time if they could have some more flexibility when building their rosters next season.

The official salary cap numbers won't be released until early March but the NFL gives the teams a heads up so they know what to plan for.

Think about this, if indeed the salary cap does increase over $10 million to a total of $150 million plus, the salary cap will have doubled at since 2003.

According to CBS Sports, here are the NFL Salary Cap numbers since 2003:

2016: $150 million-$153.4 million (projected)
2015: 143.28 million
2014: $133 million
2013: $123 million
2012: $120.6 million
2011: $120 million
2009: $123 million
2008: $116 million
2007: $109 million
2006: $102 million
2005: $85.5 million
2004: $80.58 million
2003: $75 million