I love the Olympics!

All weekend I was glued to the screen! While, I obviously love the competitions and hearing about the athlete's backgrounds, I also like learning about their families.

It is amazing how many of our women athletes are wives and mothers. See, women really can do everything.

Obviously, it takes a great partner to be married to an Olympian. For example, Hungarian swimmer,  Katinka Hosszu's husband. He was so in the zone cheering her on during the preliminaries, its hard to imagine how he will handle a medal race!

Then there are the parents. Some are calm and collected because they've seen their kids compete their whole lives, no big deal, it's not like its the Olympics or anything. But then there are the parents that are physically willing their children to do well while sitting in the stands.

Case and point, American gymnast, Aly Raisman's parents. They are squirming in their seats every moment that she is competing. They are too funny to watch.

Again, this was just the qualifying rounds. I can't wait to see them during the medal competition.

All in all, it's great to see these athletes have such great support systems behind them. It really does take a village to be an Olympian.

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