Since 2004, Rapid City schools have had little hope against Sioux Falls teams in high school football games. The series continues to be a disaster, and the numbers are staggering.

Last year we took a look at how lopsided the series has become just based on wins and losses. This year, I decided to do a little more digging.

The last time a Rapid City school beat a Sioux Falls team was back in 2013. Rapid City Central that year defeated Washington 13-9. Rapid City Stevens last beat a Sioux Falls team in 2010 with a 20-7 victory over O'Gorman.

Lincoln has lost five games against Rapid City teams since 2004. The last loss occurred in 2009 when Stevens defeated them 24-21. The Raiders beat the Patriots twice that season. Central last beat Lincoln in 2006.

Roosevelt is currently on a 28-0 combined win streak against Rapid City Central and Rapid City Stevens. The Rough Riders will face the Cobblers on October 14th at Howard Wood Field.

But how about the point differential between the two teams? Overall, Sioux Falls teams average about 42 points per game compared to 11 points per game for Rapid City.

Here's a full breakdown.

Four regular season games are still left to be played for this season. Rapid City Central will host Lincoln on October 7th and then travel to Sioux Falls to face Roosevelt on October 14th. Rapid City Stevens travels to O'Gorman on October 7th and hosts Washington on October 14th.