Not that it would have happened, but Tiger Woods could have been disqualified from The Masters for his illegal drop on Friday.  Woods was on hole #15 when he hit the flagstick with the ball on his approach. The ball caromed off the green into the water and the subsequent drop was two yards behind the location where he should have dropped his ball.

Taking a drop from the wrong location is a two-stroke penalty.  Woods did not assess a penalty on himself during his Friday round and signed his scorecard for a score of 71 when it should have been a 73.  Signing an incorrect scorecard is grounds for disqualification, but Augusta National took a little liberty with the rules.  It’s Tiger Woods.  Winning takes care of everything, remember?  There is no way that The Masters would kick Tiger out of the tournament.  CBS would rewrite the contract with Augusta National on the spot.  Jim Nantz would have eaten magnolias for Sunday brunch if  there were no Tiger.  If John Huh would have done it, see ya.  Tiger disqualified from The Masters?  No chance.