Every year in the NFL Draft there is a guy or two that has their draft stock plummet the night of and others who go much earlier than expected.

Every year in the NFL Draft we see teams hit home runs and teams strike out on future NFL prospects.

And every year we learn a lot about the players, the teams, the process and the future of the NFL with each and every selection from round one to round seven

In Round 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft, here are the top 3 things we learned.

1.  Change your passwords! That's right NFL Draft prospects make sure that you change your passwords.  Laremy Tunsil found out first hand how not changing such passwords on your social media accounts can essentially cost you millions of dollars.  Prior to the trades at #1 and #2, Tunsil was once considered the top pick in this years draft, he fell all the way to #13 after the video was leaked of him smoking out of a "gas mask".  Tunsil claimed his Twitter account was hacked and it's a lesson to all future NFL Draft picks, make sure and change those passwords frequently.

2.  The Minnesota Vikings hit a home run in the first round.  I wasn't sure if Laquon Treadwell would be there at #23 for the Minnesota Vikings but when he was I knew it was the perfect fit for the Vikings to take the talented wide receiver.  Treadwell is a great addition to the offense and he can only help Teddy Bridgewater continue to evolve.  Plus, Minnesota's offensive coordinator Norv Turner has done some great things with wide receivers in the past, including one Michael Irvin when Norv was the OC in Dallas. At Ole Miss, Treadwell had a catastrophic injury a couple years back but has only returned to be as good as he was prior to the injury and hopefully for Vikes fans he turns out to be as good at the NFL level as he was in college.

3.  The Bears and Packers rivalry still has to be the most heated rivalry in the NFL.  Many fans at home may of not heard or experienced what was going on in the Auditorium Theatre where the Draft was being held, but there was plenty of back and forth between Packers and Bears fans all night.  It all hit its peak when you had the Green Bay Packers on the clock and the place went nuts with boos.  Then as Roger Goodell was walking out and announcing the pick, you heard loud chants of "Lets Go Bears" throughout the facility. It may be the oldest rivalry in the NFL but it still has enough animosity to keep it going for a long time to come.

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