I love a feel good story. If that story has anything to do with hunting, I like it even more. Thanks to listeners and readers I get stories like this from time to time. This morning my email from Steve Wilson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota read,

I thought I'd share another cool thing that happened out on my buddies farm this year. This is the same place my 10 year old took his first deer off in September. This was on the pheasant opener, these deer we're locked up a couple hundred yards in front of the house out in the feed yard. The guys in the video are my good friends, brothers Brad and Eric Parmely. These we're two stud bucks that had been going at it for a long time! These guys had archery tags in their pocket but choose to cut these studs free instead.
I thought you'd enjoy it!
I did, and I'll bet you do too. Share this story with your Facebook and Twitter friends.