Who will be the recieving core for the Minnesota Vikings in 2014?

I know its not the burning question, that obviously is, who will be throwing to the receiving core in 2014?

That being said, it is a interesting offseason as far as wide receivers are concerned from the draft to free agency.

With the #8 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft in May, many believe the Vikings will go with a QB if one of the top three rated quarterbacks isn't available at eight, but if not, don't be shocked if the Vikings call Sammy Watkins's name as maybe the best player available come that selection.

Hypothetically, lets say the Vikings don't select a WR at #8, and decide to fill other voids throughout the drat itself, then they are left with the following: Greg Jennings, Corderrelle Patterson and Jarius Wright.

Jerome Simpson is now a free agent and many speculate that he will be brought back because of his low sticker price for a one year deal.

I would advise the Vikings not to bring back a inconsistent Simpson and look to free agency to fill that void and improve at the position.

Here is the list of the top 2014 Free Agent Wide Receivers:

Hakeem Nicks (after signing with Jay Z and Roc Nation, I'm guessing a bigger market is in store)

Eric Decker (brings similar traits and skill set as Greg Jennings)

Anquan Boldin (the question would be how much is left in the tank)

James Jones (let's not make this the Packers of old)

Jeremy Maclin (recovering from a major injury could be a concern for any team, but I like the fit in Minnesota)

Kenny Britt (Kenny is fun to hang out with, but not to employ.)

Golden Tate (it appears he is headed back to Seattle)

Devin Hester (Patterson is what Hester was, Vikes won't be interested in my opinion)

So there you have it VIkings fans, get your pre-orders in for your Jeremy Maclin jerseys.

All kidding aside, the Vikings need to make sure whoever is tossing the pigskin around in 2014, that they are fully equipped with the adiquit weapons around them in what appears to be a wide open NFC North.