Every year about this time I find my blood beginning to boil as we get the list of all of the freebies college football players get for taking part in bowl games.

The list varies from novelty items associated with each specific game to expensive watches, sunglasses, and electronics.  How can these 'amateur' athletes get this swag when the NCAA supposedly has a zero tolerance policy about players getting any 'benefits' from coaches or boosters?  It turns out the NCAA allows bowl participants to accept sponsors' gifts up to $550 in value.  Somehow that's OK, but accepting a free $5 cheeseburger from a coach or rabid fan could torpedo your eligibility or get your school on probation - go figure!

But just as I was getting ready to launch into a scathing rant about the hypocrisy of this annual gift 'gravy train', along comes this story.

Before yesterday's Russell Athletic Bowl, players from Virginia Tech and Rutgers were treated to a $470 shopping spree at a local Orlando, FL Best Buy. Imagine the damage a college student could do with that?

But not Hokies defensive back Antone Exum, he decided to do something different with his shopping spree - he gave it away.  According to his Twitter page:

Spent my $470 Dollar Best Buy Gift Card From The Bowl Game on Three Kids I Met from Bahamas I Met In The Store!!


Made Their Christmas!!

You made mine too, Antone!  I can honestly say I didn't care about this game or who won until I read this story.

Final score: Virginia Tech 13, Rutgers 10, in overtime.

Karma?  Just maybe...