It REALLY stinks to be wrong. REALLY, REALLY stinks when you are broadcasting a basketball game on television and you miss the call.

At the end of the Detroit Pistons - Washington Wizards NBA game on Wednesday night, the shot went up from the corner and drew nothing but the outside of the net. So instead of a game-winning shot, it a game-losing air-ball. Steve Buckhantz who is behind the microphone for the TV feed for Comcast SportsNet thought the shot was good. It was a tad humbling, but the show must go forth.

Some perspective here is needed because Buckhantz is no slouch. He is an Emmy award winning broadcaster and has been doing Wizards telecasts for 15 years. His partner is former NBA Washington Bullet Phil Chenier who has been doing color work for 28 years with the Wizards.  Also their view of the play is most likely from the opposite end of the floor so the view is obscured somewhat. Thus the movement of the net and the reaction of a portion of the crowd led them to believe that the Wizards had won. Unfortunately the “Dagger” was “Not Possible.” (The quotes are favorite phrases of Buckhantz)

Perfection is unattainable no matter your profession. So when you have a bad day at work remember at least you have company. Brent Musberger anyone?