The 2015 West Sioux High School Falcons football team can be described in many ways. From prolific, dominating, and exceptional to dynamic, efficient, and transcendent there are no shortage of phrases to describe just how good this year’s Falcons team really is.

But possibly the best phrase to describe the Falcon’s 2015 season would be a diamond in the rough team.

Despite their performances in recent years, it was not too long ago when the now District Two leader was the perennial doormat of class A football.

After years of dwelling alone at the bottom the West Sioux Falcons have stormed back to the top of the Class A district ranking and are eyeing that championship trophy. The Falcons have carefully cultivated what appears to be a championship pedigree over recent years and this year is certainly showing it.

There is certainly no doubt as to how the Falcons cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. When a team plays lights out on both sides of the ball it’s extremely difficult to keep up.

The Falcons have made it nearly impossible for opponents to progress to any degree down the field with 14 interceptions on the year so far.

The Falcon’s defense doesn’t stop there, they don’t simply intercept the ball, they look to take it for a score every time they touch the ball. You can see it with their class A leading 271 yards off of interceptions alone, giving that already prolific West Sioux offense short fields to work with.

Facing the West Sioux offense doesn’t get any better for opponents. The Falcons offense is arguably one of the most well rounded offenses in class A.

It’s tough to argue against an offense that has outscored their opponents 414-123 while failing to breach 40 points just twice this season. The Falcons are such a dominant offense that they are 78 points ahead of second in total offensive scoring in district A-2. Any team that puts up 3,592 yards in total pass and rush offense is more than deserving of the top spot in Class A.

Indeed the Falcons are worthy of the top spot in district A-2, after all, they do possess the best rushing and receiving offense in Class A with 3,592 total yards.

Yeah, it’s tough to find many negatives for the Falcons, that’s what happens with great talent and exceptional coaching.

The Falcons have a solid running game spearheaded by running back Kezden Blankenship and fullback Justin Negaard who are tough and gritty runners with exceptional field vision. Both are not afraid to run between the tackles and both are exceptional in the open field.

Of course, we can’t completely talk about the West Sioux offense without mentioning the prolific passing attack lead by senior quarterback Porter Hummel. He has been a major factor in the prolific Falcon passing attack leading the Falcons to 2,173 passing yards with the third best passer rating (216.0) in Class A; having the second best completion percentage in Class A will do that.

The West Sioux Falcons have long been without a football team this exceptional, and this year’s team is not only out to prove it belongs in the best of the best conversation, but to prove that the Falcons are here to win.

No longer will West Sioux be overlooked, instead they will be feared. Teams have come to dread those vibrant red jerseys and the players who wear them. So everybody watch out, the West Sioux Falcons are officially the team to beat in Class A football.