For many of the local high schools the marching band season is over and many of them excelled in competitions around the region. But what is it like to be a member of a marching band?

We often get to see a band perform from the stands of a football field, or at a competition and we often take for granted the choreographed mayhem that they make look so easy. What we often don't see is the hours and hours of practice they put in to make it look so easy.

Some would argue - accurately - that they put in as much if not more work then the football teams the play for. Just like football players, they have playbooks at the beginning of the season they have to memorize - playbooks that the coaches and directors are constantly changing throughout the season.

Now, you can see what it's like for one saxophone player in the Lincoln High School Marching Band during a recent private performance at Howard Wood Field earlier this season. And just keep in mind - not only do they have to march, run, walk, crouch, dance, skip and more, but they have to do it while playing an instrument and making sure they are hitting the exact spots at exact times. All the while over a 200 other musicians are doing the same thing.