The recording may be two yeas old, but the controversy surrounding it is very fresh indeed.

Deadspin's release of a 2011 rant from Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini sent shock waves thru Husker Nation Monday, after Pelini was captured in an off-the-record, profanity-filled vent about some in the Nebraska fan base following a come-from-behind win against Ohio State two years ago.

Pelini has apologized for the remarks and university officials are considering what action, if any, to take against him.

Once the initial firestorm about the comments died down, the next question on people's minds was who supplied the audio to Deadspin?

Tuesday, the website gave us some insight:

...the source who gave us the recording reached out to us only a little more than two hours before we published, beginning with an unsolicited tip to our inbox.

We don't know the source's name or gender (the emails were sent from an anonymous account).

We don't know if the source works at the University of Nebraska.

Deadspin even provides an exchange of e-mails with their source about the recording and what possible motives the source might have in releasing them.

Read the e-mails here.