Yesterday was President's Day, and to celebrate, let's see what Mount Rushmore would look like if one icon from each of the four major sports was chosen.

Here's the list, and reasons below for why we selected each athlete to be on the all-sports Mount Rushmore:

NFL: Joe Montana

NBA: Michael Jordan

MLB: Babe Ruth

NHL: Wayne Gretzky 

Now, here are some of their personal and career achievements that make them great:


Jordan turned 51 yesterday, and over his career, he won six titles, six NBA Finals MVP's, six NBA MVP's, Naismith College Player of Year, NBA Rookie of the Year, and All-Defensive NBA nine times. 

While playing for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards, Jordan amassed 32,292 total points.

His "Airness," left a mark on the game offensively, defensively, and off the court through endorsements. To name a few of his career highlights, he never disappointed with his high-flying dunks, his memorable 'Flu Game,', his shot over Craig Ehlo, or his game-winning shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.


Montana is a four-time Super Bowl winner, three-time Super Bowl MVP winner, two-time NFL MVP, and may be one of football's most clutch quarterbacks. The 15-year veteran quarterback has five total playoff game-winning drives and comebacks. Overall, he has 33 game-winning drives, and 31 comebacks. 

In his career, Montana threw for over 40,000 yards, 273 touchdowns, and 139 interceptions.


Ruth played both pitcher, first base, and outfield for 22 years in the Major Leagues. That itself is remarkable.

Over 2,500 games, the 'Great Bambino' hit .342/.474/.690 with 714 home runs, 2,220 RBIs. He ranks third in home runs behind Barry Bonds, and Hank Aaron.

On the mound, he was a pitcher early in his career, and then, again in his late-30's. He was 94-46 with a 2.28 ERA. He struck out 488 batters in over 1,200 innings pitched.

He received 95% of the votes to get into the Hall of Fame, and helped the Yankees win seven World Series titles.


Gretzky earned his nickname, the "Great One." He retired in 1999, and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame that same year. He played in the NHL for 20 years, and in over 1,400 games, he scored 894 goals, and had 1,963 assists. 

He holds or shares 61 NHL records. 40 records in the regular season, 15 in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and six for the NHL All-Star game. Some of his records include: most points, goals and assists in a season, most consecutive 40, 50, and 60 or more goal seasons, most three or more goal games, most points, goals, and assists in a season, and the longest consecutive point-scoring streak.

All of these four athletes are some of the greatest athletes in their respective sports, and will be always be remembered.

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