Will the NBA trade deadline live up to the hype?

I sure hope the NBA trade deadline will live up to the hype of the rumors that are currently out there but it usually never does.

With names like Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love all being circulated about, you'd hope as a NBA fan that all four would get moved and complete chaos would issue, but the likelihood that all four stay in their current home is more likely.

Each player mentioned has different issues with the ability to move them via trade and it varies from attitude to contracts.

Plus, there always is the case that the rumors are just that and some might be using the media to create a certain sense of the market with the idea of manipulating the market at the same time.

We've seen some secondary deals but nothing major to this point.  Some will say where there is smoke, there is fire, but it doesn't seem at this point like that fire is going to coming to fruition by the deadline.

That may end up being true, but it also could sway the other way and it may just take one deal to be the domino affect that we have seen in the past be the catalyst for a very busy NBA trade deadline.

The 2016 NBA trade deadline is Thursday February 18th at 3pm ET.