The question of whether or not Nebraska would be a signature win for Miami was raised on local radio in Miami this week and when Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald answered, he said NO.

According to CBS Miami, this was his exact response:

“No, there’s still going to be planes flying around the stadium I think until he beats Florida State,” the Miami Herald’s Manny Navarro said on Hochman, Crowder and Krantz. “Look, beating Nebraska is nice and Nebraska should end up being a bowl team. But a signature win, something that’s going to get people off his back, no, I think he’s got to beat Florida State, he’s got to beat Clemson, somebody that’s really good.”

I do agree in the sense that Florida State and Clemson are both teams that the Canes fan base is yearning for wins against.  I mean I move more than Miami has beaten Florida State lately.

And I don't think Navarro is trying to prod at the Huskers or their fans, he is simply being realistic about the nature of the game between two non-ranked, non-conference foes.

I think it speaks also to where both programs are in their current form.

Nebraska is looking for a new identity with Mike Riley and they could leave south Florida 1-2 under the new head ball coach.

Miami thought they had the man that would restore them quickly back to national prominence and I still think he will, but fighting through an investigation from the NCAA and  a fan base who is ready for glory NOW, the Canes are far from the glory days.

Fans can be dumb too, so it all must be taken with a grain of salt.  Folks can fly banners over stadiums with whatever message they want, it doesn't mean the administration is listening.

The mood I've got from Canes fans in the short time I've been down here is that they want change. Not so much in the sense of changing a head coach, but just changing back to consistent ways.

Golden has been a good thing for Miami in my opinion but games like this against Nebraska at home need to be won in a performance based business.

So back to the original question, would Nebraska be a signature win for Miami? It might not be a signature win in the eyes of many, but it sure is a needed one.