When you see some of these athletes on TV you may think that they are some really large humans. They are but you don't realize how truly big they actually are until you're standing next to them.

This week at Radio Row we were surrounded by tons of athletes and former players. There were a few guys that I couldn't believe were that large and that tall. Here are a few of the guys that were ginormous.

Ed "Too Tall" Jones - Former Dallas Cowboys

6 feet 9 inches, 270 pounds

Jonathan Ogden - Former Baltimore Raven - Hall of Fame

6 feet 9 inches, 345 pounds

Deontay Wilder - WBC Heavyweight Champion

6 feet 7 inches, 215 pounds (All Muscles)

Willie Colon - New York Jets

6 feet 3 inches, 320 pounds

Shannon Sharpe - Former Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens - Hall of Fame

6 feet 2 inches, 230 pounds

Not pictured is also New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall who is 6 feet 4 inches and 230 pounds. Jeff got to chat with Marshall briefly in between interviews.

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