Our Dash for Cash Sweepstakes is over and we wanted to congratulate all our weekly winners! Each one entered at one of our participating sponsors and was eligible for the weekly $500 prize! And that meant a lot of cash to give away - $10,000 TOTAL!

So, again, congratulations to all our $10,000 Dash for Cash Sweepstakes winners! (Listed in alphabetical order with the location of entry in parenthesis)

  • Trevor Abelson (Galaxy Gaming)
  • Monica Buri (Travel Partners)
  • John Calhoun (Eastway Bowl)
  • Taryn Ceglowski (Escapades Escape Rooms)
  • Joan Clarke (Audiology Specialty Clinic)
  • Tabitha Dwyer (Famous Dave's BBQ)
  • Terry Fisher (Deuces Casino)
  • Dawn Fowlds (Get-N-Go)
  • Denise Hohn (Get-N-Go)
  • Duane Holzer (Travel Partners)
  • Jolind Houselog (Beds By Design)
  • Kenneth Kahl (Audiology Specialty Clinic)
  • Kristen Kueter (Escapades Escape Rooms)
  • Kelly McMath (Science Nutrition)
  • Megan Remund (Science Nutrition)
  • Dan Ross (Crown Casino)
  • Luke Schulte (Get-N-Go)
  • Dan Uphoff (Beds By Design)
  • Jake Vander Pol (Beds By Design)
  • Bridgette Van Veen (Eastway Bowl)


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