"We Make Concrete Beautiful"


From foundations to fireplace surrounds, driveways to decorative inlays, sidewalks to swimming pools, counter-tops to complete homes, there’s nothing more durable than concrete. Concrete can now be used in an unlimited array of applications, from the practical, to the pretty. Brooks Construction has been the area leader in everything concrete since 1946 and continues to expand their services with the latest in new advances in concrete, offering you the highest quality products and services.


Go to www.brooksconstructionservices.com to see everything that Brooks Construction can do!

What kind of concrete services do you need?

  • Decorative concrete on walls or floors
  • A complete concrete commercial building
  • Concrete home
  • Stamped, engraved, stenciled, overlayed, or stained concrete
  • Floors of distinction
  • Commercial concrete services
  • Repairs to your concrete (driveways, walkways, floors, etc.)
  • Concrete countertops
  • Ready-To-Go concrete sealer
  • Outdoor living concrete
  • Permeable concrete (water goes through it!)


If you see something in a magazine that you want, bring it in to Brooks Construction and they can match anything.