I admit it, I'm a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan. I have jerseys, t-shirts, memorabilia, garden gnomes (yes, really) tattoo and more. But anyone who is a FAN of the NFL should have no problems figuring out what team has the most unstable fans, but Emory University actually did a study.

According to a new study from Emory University, the most emotionally unstable fans in the NFL are Oakland Raiders fans.

And, anyone who’s watched a Raiders game – or actually visited the stadium – can see why. Those fans, with all their crazy costumes, are just a bit “off.”

Here’s a rundown of the top five most unstable fan bases in the NFL:

1.Oakland Raiders
2.Pittsburgh Steelers
3.New England Patriots
4.Detroit Lions
5.New Orleans Saints
On the other hand, here are the five most stable fan bases in the NFL:

1.Dallas Cowboys
2.Indianapolis Colts
3.Philadelphia Eagles (really?)
4.Houston Texans
5.Atlanta Falcons

So Vikings fans, we're OK. We're somewhere in the middle. But I'm thinking one of the people conducting this study MUST be from Philly. Remember, these fans once booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus!

Carry on and SKOL!