Hey, Bud, want to go to the casino?  I'm feeling lucky today.

Bud is his name.  Actually his nickname.  His God given name is Gordon Thompson and he's from Alliance, Nebraska.

Hey, when you live in Alliance, Nebraska you have to travel for a little fun, which is exactly what 'Bud' and his wife of 60 years 'Donna' did.

So, the couple pulls up to Prairie Winds Casino on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Southwest South Dakota.  They head into the casino and eventually their journey leads them to the 'Freedom Rings' machine.  Donna takes a couple of spins and leaves the machine and like any good husband 'Bud' decides to play a few more.  Then it happens...Kah Boom! One Million Dollars!

According to KOTA-TV 'Bud' and his wife haven't decided what to do with the money yet, I'll be their friends and family have a couple of ideas where to start!