Entering the 2014 NBA All Star weekend in New Orleans, there was much needed hype surrounding the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest because of the high profile participants.

However, as Saturday night concluded, the Slam Dunk Contest had many scratching their heads and seeing the 3-Point Contest draw more attention for the right reasons.

With a new format having a "Freestyle Round" and a "Battle Round", we thought we were primed for a showdown with the top three players moving to the "Final Round," but instead it was like getting to blow your candles out on your birthday cake but not get to eat it.

Only taste you got was the frosting mixed with melted wax from the candle.

The "Freestyle Round" was OK - some decent stuff. The "Battle Round" took it to a new level, especially Lillard, George, Maclemore & of course John Wall.

But, then as mentioned, you'd think after all three East participants defeated the West participants in the "Battle Round'' that you would see them have a "Dunk Off" to determine the champ. But No. Just melted wax and frosting.

John Wall was eventually voted by the fans as "The Dunker of the Night", but still, Marco Belinelli defeating Bradley Beal had more flare for the dramatic than that.

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On to Sunday Night.

The one thing that fans love is flash. But the other thing they love is effort.

I understand its the NBA All Star game and its not about defense, which I actually approve of. But watching Blake Griffin dunk on the East as if they were children was demoralizing and I wasn't even in the state of Louisiana.

And as always, come the 4th quarter, the competitive level began to rise and the defense collectively grew as well. But the first three quarters of the game, it left a lot to be desired.

I think overall the flash factor was there, but in my opinion, with the number of high profile athletes playing in this game with only Kobe missing because of injury, I was expecting more.