The 2015 NBA D-League Showcase is upon us here in Santa Cruz, CA.

Overtime with Jeff Thurn will be LIVE from Santa Cruz and the 2015 NBA D-League Showcase on Thursday Jan. 15th and Friday Jan. 16th from 3-6pm CT. It can be heard on ESPN 99.1 in the Sioux Falls, SD market, online at and on the Radio Pup AP.

This years Showcase is a bit different from years past. Not only has the venue/city changed, the format has changed as well.

The previous format was more of a showcase enviornment, in which teams would play two games regardless of outcome. In 2015, it has changed some. All teams will play, but this year, it is a tournament format where a mid-season showcase champion will be crowned.

Furthermore, in its new location, Santa Cruz, CA, the NBA D-League is hoping for more fan involvement accompanied with more media coverage and NBA personnel attendance.

Here is the complete schedule of events for the 2015 NBA D-League Showcase.

Thurs. Jan. 15:
1 p.m. ET – Texas vs. Bakersfield (Cup Game 1)
3:45 p.m. ET – Austin vs. Grand Rapids (Cup Game 2)
6:30 p.m. ET – Maine vs. Sioux Falls (Cup Game 3)
10 p.m. ET - Santa Cruz vs. Canton (Cup Game 4)
Fri. Jan. 16:
1 p.m. ET – Erie vs. Rio Grande Valley
3:45 p.m. ET – Fort Wayne vs. Los Angeles
6:30 p.m. ET – Delaware vs. Iowa
10 p.m. ET - Reno vs. Westchester
Sat. Jan. 17:
1 p.m. ET – Oklahoma City vs. Idaho
3:45 p.m. ET – Cup Semi-Final A (Winner Cup Game 1 vs. Winner Cup Game 3)
6:30 p.m. ET – Cup Consolation B (Loser Cup Game 2 vs. Loser Cup Game 4)
10 p.m. ET - Cup Semi-Final B (Winner Cup Game 2 vs. Winner Cup Game 4)
Sun. Jan. 18:
1 p.m. ET – Cup Consolation A (Loser Cup Game 1 vs. Loser Cup Game 3)
3:45 p.m. ET – Iowa vs. Erie
6:30 p.m. ET – Los Angeles vs. Delaware
10 p.m. ET - Rio Grande Valley vs. Reno
Mon. Jan. 19
1 p.m. ET – Cup Championship Game
3:45 p.m. ET – Westchester vs. Oklahoma City
6:30 p.m. ET – Idaho vs. Fort Wayne