State championships have concluded and 14 players from around Sioux Falls have been selected as part of the 2016 All City Volleyball Team.

Sioux Falls Christian, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Washington each had three players selected. O'Gorman added two players to the list.

In total, nine seniors were selected, along with four juniors. There was only one sophomore picked for the All City Team.

Roosevelt was the runner-up this year in Class AA after falling short in the 5th set to Harrisburg. Washington finished 5th overall, while Lincoln finished 7th at the 2016 Class AA State Volleyball Tournament. Sioux Falls Christian would finish 5th in the 2016 Class A State Volleyball Tournament.

2016 Sioux Falls All City Volleyball Team

(Name, School, Grade)

  • Ellie Voss, SF Christian, 11
  • Emily Strasser, SF Christian, 11
  • Ashley Lamfers, SF Christian, 12
  • Anezka Szabo, Lincoln, 12
  • Anna Boyens, Lincoln, 12
  • Maddisen Barness, Lincoln, 12
  • Rylee Smith, O'Gorman, 12
  • Grace Ortmann, O'Gorman, 12
  • Rylee Boyd, Roosevelt, 11
  • Kaylee Mediger, Roosevelt, 12
  • Kaylor Ragels, Roosevelt, 12
  • Emily VanBockern, Washington, 12
  • Hailey Olson, Washington, 11
  • Peyton Rymerson, Washington, 10

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