A new organization in sprint car racing launched in 2015 that affected the sport on the local level as well as the national scene. It was the National Sprint League (NSL).

It was aimed at the top class of cars that run the 410 engines. It gave the teams a series to compete in at several different tracks around the multi-state area that awarded a sizable point fund.

Now the NSL is expanding to the 360 motor cars. They are calling a meeting to lay out plans.

There will be an NSL 360 series sprint car meeting at the Worthington Event Center in Worthington, Minnesota on Monday November 9 starting at 7:00 PM.This is located at 1447 Prairie Drive (I-90 exit 43 next to the Comfort Suites).

This interactive meeting  will give drivers, promoters and car owners a chance to learn more about the future of the series and what the 2016 season will entail.

Tommie Estes, 360 Director, and Natalie Sather, NSL Marketing Director, will be on hand to answer questions about rules, format, payouts and development of the series.

The following night, Tuesday November 10, there will be a Jackson Speedway informational meeting for anyone who plans on competing at the Jackson Speedway in 2016.

The 2016 schedule of events will be available at this meeting along with payouts, rules and a layout of the newly remodeled speedway. This meeting will also be at the Worthington Event Center starting at 7:00 PM.

Doug Johnson