Think about your favorite sports team.  Just how devoted are you to that team?  How long would you be willing to wait to get season tickets?

No one can question the loyalty of one Green Bay Packers fan.  Brad Sauve's name has finally come off the Packers season ticket waiting list - after 37 years!

Sauve fan put his name on the waiting list for season tickets in 1976, but didn't hear his name called until earlier this week, announcing it to the world via twitter:

Got a letter from the Packers today.  I am now a season ticket holder.  Section 128 Row 41.

We could be be seeing a lot more of these in the next few years, as the Packers expand Lambeau Field by an additional 3,500 seats.

Of course, all of these dreams aren't being realized without a price.  There's a one-time fee of $4,200 for the right to purchase the tickets, plus $2,380 per season for two tickets to seven games. (Season ticket holders from the Packers days in Milwaukee's County Stadium own ticket rights to the other three games on the 10-game home schedule.)

In case you're wondering, there are still an estimated 105,000 people on the waiting list.