5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bob's Cafe In Sioux Falls

5. Bob's Cafe was built at 1312 W 12th Street in Sioux Falls in 1944. At that time it was called “Ray's Drive-In.” In 1951 it was purchased by Bob Lyon and renamed “Bob's Cafe”.

4. The faded Lady in the sign out front is Bob's wife Ima. Current owner Ben Weiland estimates, that because of the intricate restoration process, in would cost upwards of $15,000 to bring the picture of Ima back to it's original, colorful, appearance.

3. Bob's original recipe is still used to make their best selling item, Chicken. Ben says the secret to their famous chicken is: “Making the chicken taste great, not the coating.”

2. Back in the early 90's a worker removed some insulation in the area above the restaurant without replacing it. That winter when it got to about -30 below the uncovered pipes burst and the entire ceiling fell down inside of Bob's Cafe and then had to be rebuilt.

1. Current owner Ben Weiland works at his restaurant 7 days a week, 364 days a year. Which means Ben only gets one day a year off.  He explained it this way:

Have you heard the story about the seminar host that asked the crowd “How many of you have sex once a week?” A bunch of people raised their hand. The host then asked: “How many of you have sex once a month?” Again a bunch more folks raised their hand. Then the Host asked: “Is there anybody out there that has sex only once a year?” And one guy in the back stood up, smiling, and yelled: “ME, ME, ME!” The host said: “That's great, but why are you so excited if you only have sex once a year?” And the man shouted” “BECAUSE TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT!”   Bob's Cafe will be closed on New Years Day.

FYI...If you haven't tried it yet, you will love the chicken!

Bob's Wife-Ima / Ben Davis
Bob's Cafe Location/ Google Maps