Do you ever do something that felt pretty cool, but later you see a photo or video of yourself and you realize it was not cool at all? That was me on Sunday.

We had Easter dinner with my wife's family at her sister's house. They have four kids ranging in ages from two to nine. They also have a very sturdy and, best of all, adjustable basketball hoop. It was lowered to the non-regulation height of eight feet.

My two brothers-in-law, Tim and Terry, stand 6'4" and 6'2" respectively. They were in the midst of destroying three shorter brothers from the other side of the family along with two young nephews, even though it was four-on-three, their height advantage was tough to overcome.

I decided to help out their vertically challenged opponents and perhaps even the odds.

I got in the game, ran around a bit, failed to get rebounds over the twin towers. But then I posted up on Terry, got a bounce pass and dunked on he and his taller brother.

It got a big "Oh!" from the group watching. I thought it was pretty cool! It felt like it was pretty badass. Not bad for a guy who never really played organized basketball but had fun on driveways and playgrounds anyway.

Then I saw the video and realized how lame it is to watch a fat guy dunk on an eight foot hoop. Beating my opponents was not enough to make this look cool. Especially when you notice my left foot on the ground while I "hang" from the rim.

I may play a little jam ball in the future, but I will never again think I look cool doing it.