We have more proof that South Dakota isn't like most other places in the United States, this time as it relates to salaries at public universities.

According to article on Deadspin.com, South Dakota is one of just ten states in the nation where the highest paid state employee is NOT a coach at a state university.

So who is the highest paid state employee?  That would be Dr. Mary Nettleman, the Dean of the Medical School at the University of South Dakota.  According to the latest information, Dr. Nattleman makes $500,000 a year.

Of the other nine states that don't have a coach topping the list, four (Nevada, North Dakota, New York, and Massachusetts) have Med School employees listed as #1, four (Alaska, Montana, Vermont, and Delaware) have College Presidents at #1, while one (Maine) pays its Law School Dean more than any other state employee.

In the coaching ranks, 27 of the top earners are football coaches, 13 are basketball coaches, and one (New Hampshire) is a hockey coach.