I'm convinced certain people in this world are just naturally wired to complain about anything and everything.

Case in point - there is a picture making its way around social media showing a baby cradled in an American Flag while being held by a person wearing a Navy camouflage uniform. Some call it patriotic - others call it flag desecration.

Virginia photographer Vanessa Hicks says she's gotten both positive and negative feedback regarding the picture she took of her friend's eight-day-old baby cradled in the American Flag. After posting the photo on line, things exploded to a whole new level.

A Facebook page was created slamming her for taking the photo. Several chimed in saying the photo was disrespectful to the flag.

Hicks says when she complained to Facebook she was told it didn't qualify as harassment. It should be pointed out that Hicks is a Navy veteran and is married to a sailor.

I'm curious what you think?

Personally, I see nothing wrong with the photo. I went around the office and asked those co-workers that I know who served in the military what they thought - and NO ONE found it to be offensive. I can't imagine anything more innocent - yet powerful - as a baby being cradled in an American Flag.

To me, the flag in the photo represents all that is good and honorable about the United State of America - the baby, the innocence and hope for tomorrow.  Can't get anymore patriotic than that in my book!