Legends for Kids Banquet 2015: A Truly Legendary Event

as Told By Andrew Brown

The 2015 Legends for Kids banquet was truly a legendary event with a star studded cast of athletes both kids and adults alike were overflowing with excitement and joy.

The atmosphere at the Sanford Pentagon was spectacular and unlike anything I had ever seen. The lines were long and the excitement was at an all-time high as each individual waited in line to get a chance to meet the legends.

Andrew Brown ESPN 99.1

It was as if taken out of a sports fans dream, many people from around the community got the chance to fulfill lifelong dreams of meeting their favorite athletes of all time. People from all over flocked to the Sanford Pentagon with the same passion for helping the youth of the community. People truly came to the banquet to give back to the community and the kids while displaying their inner sports fanatic.

Andrew Brown ESPN 99.1

The chance to give back and meet legends were the drive behind all who came as one individual told me, “Rarely do you get the chance to meet athletes you’ve looked up to all your life and give so much to the kids, but with the Legends for Kids banquet you get to every year”.

The opportunity to be in the same room as these legends was a dream come true, but to be able to meet them in person and talk with them made this night legendary.

** Story told by Andrew Brown