Kirk Cousins is now a Minnesota Viking and for the most part, the fan base is super energized about the future possibilities with Cousins as the starter.

It is rare that a starting quarterback hits the open market in free agency but after multiple years giving Cousins the Franchise Tag in DC, the Redskins decided it was time to move on.

The Vikings however, were ready to hand out a fully guaranteed contract and are hoping the reward is a Super Bowl win.

So why did the Vikings give Cousins all that money?

Some will point toward his stats, some will point toward the future and others will say it was because the Super Bowl window is so small that they had to do what would get them over the hump sooner than later.

Here's a look at Cousins career stats that certainly played a role in the Vikings signing the QB.

Record: 26-30-1

Completion %: 65.5

Total Passing Yards: 16206

Touchdowns: 99

Interceptions: 55

QBR: 93.7


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