Ground Works of Sioux Falls has been doing some incredible work with kids in our schools the past seven years.

This organization led by two passionate individuals and a following of business leaders, professionals, educators and a network of others with big hearts have created dreams which are coming true.

On Friday, May 8, 2015 more dreams will be created at George McGovern Middle School.  Nine more teaching garden boxes will be constructed by volunteers and students.  With this curriculum in our schools Ground Works continues its mission, committed to providing innovative resources to elementary and middle school teaching gardens.

I hope you will share with others this story from of a McGovern Middle School student.

McGovern Middle School, with a student population of nearly 800 strong has over 29 different languages represented. One day, a group of 6-8th grade girls were gathered together working on an art project as part of an after school program.  As the excitement of day wound down, their conversation turned from talk about homework and classes to language and world social issues.
One 6th grade girl exclaimed excitedly, "I can speak 5 languages.  But I always feel bad on New Year's cause that's when my sister comes and tells us all the bad stuff still going on in Africa and how much better we have it here.  It makes me cry.  Then, I be like, I'm gonna work and make a bunch of money and go back to Africa and help fix those problems.  Like hunger, man, there's no reason anyone should be hungry."
The girls gathered at the table nodded in agreement and then began squealing as they remembered that a teaching garden is being planned and will be built at their school on Friday May 8th.  "Food!  We can learn to grow food and help teach other people how to grow their own food too!"  She added.
Another girl bounced in her seat.  "Ya, I remember one of my teachers telling us that it takes one person with a great idea to change the world."
It takes one child with a desire to change the world.

Learn more about Ground Works by calling 275.9159. Or click here.