Looking for the sweep the Minnesota Twins rode the hitting train and stayed hot at home with a 6-4 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates Wednesday afternoon.

Logan Forsythe went 3 for 4.

The Pirates jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the second inning but

Moving to the sixth inning Forsythe hit a two-run single to make it 5-4.

Bobby Wilson launched a solo home run to left field that should have broken the sound barrier to put the Twins up by two.

One play that baseball fans continue to do a dramatic eye-roll came in the sixth inning when Miguel Sano caught a pop up foul ball and his momentum sent him into the Pirates dugout. Pittsburgh had a man on first base who gets to move up.

Now here's the rule from the Umpire Bible:

A fielder, after catching a fly ball, falls into dead-ball territory [ 5.06(b)(3)(C) ]. In this scenario, a fielder having made a legal catch while in live-ball territory, is carried into dead-ball territory, where he then falls, or falls over a fence or railing into dead-ball territory. The ball is dead and all base runners advance one base. However, the catch is good and the out stands, so long as the catch was made before the player stepped or fell into dead-ball territory.


Twins host Detroit through the weekend. Tonight Ervin Santana will be on the mound at 7-10 on Information 1000 KSOO.

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